How we can help

The future is unpredictable. We can, however, improve our decision-making today by testing our assumptions and strategies as they impact a number of possible futures.

Here’s how it works:

Scenario planning begins with a dialogue to identify driving forces that influence the future world in which individuals and organizations will have to operate. Working in small groups, participants create narratives (stories) of possible futures, taking into account both known and unknown factors. Finally stakeholders propose and test strategies designed to withstand these possible futures. The aim is to determine which actions will achieve desirable outcomes while at the same time increasing resilience against the unpredictable.

You remain in the driver’s seat throughout. We will coach you to your destination.

Together, we will:

  • Devise a Focal Question which will constitue the framework for the workshop
  • Assemble an appropriate mix of participants and resource people
  • Choreograph the workshop to ensure a productive time together
  • Plan follow-up activities – events, meetings, publications

Weingartner Consulting will:

  • Provide logistical support in planning for an optimum experience
  • Customize the workshop process to accomplish stated goals and outcomes
  • Facilitate and animate the workshop
  • Help ignite the imagination of participants and avoid “group-think”
  • Harvest collective insights for follow-up

You will:

  • Clarify the needs of your community or organization
  • Determine desired outcomes
  • Invite and communicate with participants
  • Plan and coordinate the logistics for the workshop
  • Act as formal host to the workshop
  • Follow-up with appropriate actions
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