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A global industry generating $1.3 trillion in annual revenue, fashion faces the same issues affecting most other industries, including aging populations, shifting values, and accelerating technological change.

A new report by Levi Strauss and the Forum for the Future outlines four scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry by 2025:

1. Slow Is Beautiful: In a risk-averse marketplace, consumers demand durable, organic fabrics, and transparency on garments’ socioeconomic and ecological footprints.

2. Community Couture: Fabrics may be new and expensive or “pre-loved” and cheap. Clothes are made at home or in community-run recycling centers. Clothing “libraries” rent garments for special occasions.

3. Techno Chic: A healthy, wealthy, high-tech world esteems smart textiles that facilitate low-ecological-impact lifestyles, such as nanotech coatings that reduce need for washing.

4. Patchwork Planet: Nationalism or regionalism dominates consumer choices, which gravitate toward personalization. Shorter supply chains mean clothing reaches customers faster, and resource shortages drive technological innovation.

SOURCE: “Fashion Futures,” Forum for the Future

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