A Simpler Way

Our beliefs about the future determine our attitudes in the present.  Our attitudes in the present determine how we organize ourselves, our families, our communities, our organizations. What we believe is possible determines the limits of what we accomplish.

We invite you to create spaces to question yourself at the level of your beliefs and shift these beliefs to expand the limits of what is possible in your organization and your community.

Our own present beliefs about human organizations and the world in which they come into form are probably best expressed in Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers book A Simpler Way.

The universe is a living, creative, experimenting experience of discovering what’s possible at all levels of scale, from microbe to cosmos.

Life’s natural tendency is to organize. Life organizes into greater levels of complexity to support more diversity and greater sustainability.

Life organizes around a self. Organizing is always an act of creating an identity.

Life self-organizes. Networks, patterns and structures emerge without external imposition or direction. Organization wants to happen.

People are intelligent, creative, adaptive, self-organizaing, and meaning-seeking.

Organizations are living systems. They too are intelligent, creative, adaptive, self-organizing, meaning-seeking.

What are your beliefs about how the world works?


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