Why Scenario Planning?

Our beliefs about the future determine our attitudes in the present. We develop maps in our mind (mindmaps) that lead us from the present to the future. If we believe the future (the official future) will be bleak, we will proceed today towards that destination, making decisions based on this mindmap. We may be precipitating the very future we dread. At the very least, we may be missing opportunities so busy are we, preparing for the apocalyptic future we dread.

Conversely, if we belive the future will “take care of itself,” we may be unpleasantly shocked having inadequately preparing for possible setbacks, turmoil or disaster.

The future is always a mix of the unpredictable and the result of actions we make today. What if there was a way to create a positive future with mindful actions, while also increasing our resiliance to the unexpected?

There is. It’s called: Scenario Planning.


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